Washer & Dryer Repair

Washer/Dryer Repair

If your washer or dryer are causing an interruption to your daily household needs, your best bet is to get in touch with a professional. The sooner you do this, the more likely you'll have a working appliance, which means you can get back to that normal routine. The team at Ocean Appliance Repair are trained professionals, with years of experiencing in tending to these needs.

We'll be able to diagnose your issue are a thorough investigation into the normal working habits of your appliance.

Dryer Repair

Dryer doesn't start

If your dryer doesn't start, it could be an electrical issue.

Ensure the dryer is correctly connected to power. If this does not fix the issue, it could be a tripped circuit. This will require a simple flick back on and normality should be restored.

If issues persist, its best to see an expert.

Clogged dryer vent

A lack of ventilation is usually caused by a failure within the dryer. If there is no exit for the hot air, your clothes won't dry properly, causing dampness. A clog in the vent is also a culprit, causing greater noise during cycles.

A blockage will cause damage to the machine, which may lead to untimely failure. To escape this, ensure the lint filter is cleaned prior to every cycle. Cleaning your ventilation once a year will eradicate some of these concerns

The dryer isn't spinning

A worn belt will cause spinning issues. There may be a defect in the motor or switch. If this is the case, a professional is your best help.

The appliance isn't heating

A lack of heating is usually a configuration issue. Select dryers have an outer air blow setting, which may be disrupting the cycle. If all is well, the ignition may be faulty.

The machine makes strange noises

Sound is normal for a dryer, however, if this sound is permitting a growl or squeal then there is cause for concern. A loosened drum will cause sliding near the outer of the drum.

To solve this issue, replacement of the belt may be needed. A grinding sound, however, will usually be a result of an underlying issue with the drum or glides. This will also need replacing.

Why Choose Washing Machine Repair?

When your machine conks out, the first instinct is to purchase a replacement. However, this is neglecting the logical decision, which would be to consider repairs to avoid ending up in the same position.

Washing machines are expensive, thus by repairing them you are effectively saving much more money.

Repairs are your cheaper alternative to keeping an expensive washing machine running.

Common Washing Machine Problems

Any of the following may require professional help.

The washer doesn't fill with water

Ensure the door is properly shut, pipes are cleared and water is correctly running through the machine. If all is well, checks by an expert is your next step.

The machine stops mid-cycle

A defect within the heater, timer, or thermostat will cause this. If it is the timer, then you should be able to use the manual control settings to alleviate this.

Water won't drain from the machine

Clogs in the filter or an issue with the pump are usually the main culprit in this situation. Visiting a trained professional will allow you to obtain an actual analysis and potential explanation.

The appliance is noisy

Rattling noises as the drum moves could mean there is something jammed. Make sure you check this, as well as the drainage filter to confirm it is clear.

There could also be a fault originating from the bearing. Try rotating the drum with your hand after emptying the washer. If there's a rumble, this may require bearing replacement.

The machine doesn't spin

A lack of spinning could be due to a range of problems. Luckily this is usually an easy and affordable fix. This may occur when trying to spin out only a few pieces of clothing. Try spin only light loads, if it continues then you may require brush replacement.

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